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"Hello John, Thank you very much for all your help as well, what a great team you have, it must be such a joy to come to work, knowing that you have a great Team. Thank you for your kindness, not many people would give you a drink water or otherwise, as soon as I came in Melanie and your self made me feel relaxed and confident knowing that I chose the right Travel place. I must admit that I was scared, and mess everything up hahah!!! But between your self and Melanie you made it so easy for myself and Diana to to make a dream Vacation come true. I know that If we go on anymore holidays we will come to you. Sometimes John, we forget people like yourself and Melanie, who make it such a joy to come to your Dream Holidays Come True Store. !!!! Once again John thank you for all that you have done for myself and Diana Merry Christmas And myself and Diana Want to say have a Wonderful Sensational New Year"
Steve & Diana

"I can't say enough good things about this travel agency! Melanie did an amazing job at finding fares cheaper than we thought was available. I will never book with any other travel agency again."

"Grazie Oshawa Travel From Italy!!!
Thank you, John:
- for steering us through the muddy waters of trip planning,
- for having more patience than could be expected,
- for being there when we needed you enroute,
- for suggesting & setting up amazing local tours (Sistine Chapel/Vatican Museum and Cinque Terre),
- for arranging the best transportation(s) ever - all our drivers were over the top (friendly, knowledgeable, VERY accommodating)
- for booking the high speed train - so much fun - THE WAY to travel Naples to Florence (you were right though - we should have travelled light),
- for booking the exact rental vehicle we needed, it was perfect (Ford C-Max),
- for checking & rechecking our accommodation (our anxiety over this was unjustified as we ended up on all occasions being more than satisfied - we were thrilled),
- for calling us after our trip for feedback,
for everything you did to make this the trip of a lifetime for all of us.. from Tania`s 1st overseas trip to the more seasoned veteran(s) among us,
- did you say a word to the right person too... the weather was the best and nobody got really sick or very hurt (although we weren't without incident!)
- We LOVED our Italy experience!
Thanks again"

Janice, Sandra, Tania, Barb

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