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Top 4 Cities to visit for St Patrick’s Day in Ireland


When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, Dublin is the place to be. As the capital, Dublin has the biggest and busiest party in the country. A carnival-style parade weaves its way through the streets. Planning on spending St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin? Make sure they arrive a few days before the 17th, as some celebrations start early.


Kilkenny is a alluring medieval city known for its majestic castle and historical architecture. While it is significantly smaller than Dublin, Kilkenny has a parade and plenty of pubs with flowing beer. With popular event for locals, this city may be more authentic than the touristic celebrations that take place in Dublin.


For a more low-key, traditional experience head over to Galway. Local’s and tourists alike flock to Temple Bar to celebrate with live music.


Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and will be action packed on Saint Patrick’s Day. Everything from parades to pop up markets to live music and more, plenty of organized activities that runs for three days (March 16th-18th).


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