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Discover Downtown Oshawa: Oshawa Travel Limited

By Garth Johns/Columnist

John Malia is simply passionate about the travel business.

From the moment you first engage with him it is obvious that his number one priority is to make sure you have a positive travel experience, no matter where you want to go or what you want to do when you get there.  John admits to having been “around the world” at least three times and has experienced almost everything that the world has to offer.

Oshawa Travel was originally founded in 1958 so, as a business, they go well beyond just knowing what they are doing.  They are a local leader in helping you with your travel needs.  Originally established as a means of organizing groups and tours, they have since branched out to look after every possible need from destination weddings, volunteerism tours and safaris to arranging the local soccer team making a tournament visit to Arizona.  Perhaps hiking or running are your interest.  Better yet, the all-important winery tour to Southern California or Europe.  You name it and Oshawa Travel can help you.  They can look after group needs for air fare, bus travel or cruises (river or traditional) tour guides and drivers and especially enjoy guiding you to and around the European continent.

John and his staff are happy to provide advice and counsel on where and when to go and what to do to get ready for your trip, including answering questions about visa needs and inoculations. Even if you only have a vague idea about what you want, after a few qualifying questions about your interests and budget, they are ready to be your guide. The staff are all very well informed and frankly, if they don’t have an immediate answer to any question you may have, they will find out for you.  Your happiness is their number one priority and Oshawa Travel prides itself on being reliable, knowledgeable and definitely service oriented.

Come and see John and his team at 74 Simcoe Street South in Downtown Oshawa.