Oshawa Travel Client Feedback

Thank you for your kind notes Steve and Diana, always wonderful to know that we continue do a GREAT job at Oshawa Travel and provide the best service! 

“Hello John,

Thank you very much for all your help as well, what a great team you have, it must be such a joy to come to work, knowing that you have a great Team.

Thank you for your kindness, not many people would give you a drink water or otherwise, as soon as I came in Melanie and your self made me feel relaxed and confident knowing that I chose the right Travel place.

I must admit that I was scared, and mess everything up hahah!!!
But between your self and Melanie you made it so easy for myself and Diana to to make a dream Vacation come true.

I know that If we go on anymore holidays we will come to you.
Sometimes John, we forget people like yourself and Melanie, who make it such a joy to come to your Dream Holidays Come True
Store. !!!!

Once again John thank you for all that you have done for myself and Diana

Merry Christmas
And myself and Diana
Want to say have a Wonderful
New Year

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